Our production is reinforcement steel bars from 10mm dia – 32 mm dia with different length TMT Bars.

Length/ m Dia
4-12 10 mm
4-12 12 mm
4-12 14 mm
4-12 16 mm
4-12 18 mm
4-12 20 mm
4-12 25 mm
4-12 32 mm

Our project:  

Some of the projects provided with reinforcing steel by the company

-Magnesium oxide plant project, ghour al - safi
- Bromine plant project, ghour al - safi
-Aqaba thermal power station project.
- Naqab road project, aqaba
- Wadi al - yutm road project, aqaba.
- Prince hamza hospital project
- Movenpick hotel project Dead Sea
- Seventh circle tunnel project
-Fifth circle tunnel project
-Customs tunnel project
- Airport road tunnel project
- Gas station project, abu alanda
- Jordan hospital project
- Emergency police building project
- Royal court expansion project
-Madaba purification station expansion project.
-Castle hotel / Aqaba
-Parking project / swefiah
- Al Samra water treatment project / The Morganti Croup
-Restructuring and rehabilitation Amman water networks
- (Morganti)
-The Abes hotel Project
-The Jordanian cement Corporation /AL GANEM TRADING & COTRACTING
-The Modern American School / Issa Haddadin &Part. Construction Co.
-Queen Alia international airport / JV- J&P (O) Ltd./ J&P – AVAXS.A
-Jarash water treatment station / EL CONCORDE CONSTRUCTION Ltd

- Project of Arab Towers Contracting (ATCCO).

- Arab Business Company Projects.

- Projects of Engineering Group For Constructions & Tech. (E.G.C.T).

-King Hussein Business Park Project.

-Jordan Carbonat Co. Project.

-Amman Bus Rapid Project.

- Whole sale & retail reinforcement steel trade.



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